Quirky Equestrians - Yasmin's Story

Too many times, we judge. We judge others on what they wear or for the amount of tattoo's they have. We judge on the colour of someone's hair or the amount of piercings they have. We as a human race are WAY too judgemental! Who am I to talk about this? Well.. this is because I have been a victim of all of the above and so much more! I started quirky equestrians to allow the people to tell their stories. Amazing stories from amazing people who have etched their own paths in life, who are going to share with us their own experiences. So I have selected a few of these amazing people, the equestrians will ink, the equestrians with bright and vibrant hair colours, the equestrians with quirk hobbies outside of riding. I am thrilled to announce my first quirky equestrian - Yazz. Continue to read her story below.

"Where do I begin?

Life has been strange from the word go for me. My parents separated when I was young which was hard but it has equipped me for life as I’ve always learnt to see the silver lining in situations... such as two Christmas day’s and two birthdays a year.

I was an outgoing child. Cheeky bold and so brave although most would say I'm just stupid (haha) As I began to grow up and go through school I began to realise I wasn’t the same as my classmates and this it where it became hard.

I was more masculine than the other girls. I didn’t develop as early as they did. I wasn’t into hair and make up (crazily as now I’m training to be a make up artist) I loved playing in the mud and comparing bruises from playing rugby and falling off horses!

So I just blended in with the boys and acted as if it wasn’t getting to me."

"I was teased throughout school for not wearing make up or straightening my hair or being too manly.

I used to sit and watch the girls taking their dance lessons and wanting nothing more than to be that pretty, graceful and feminine, but I wasn’t, so I carried on lacing up my football boots. Growing up mental health wasn’t a thing. Anxiety didn’t exist you were simply happy, sad or angry. Now I’m an adult and I understand mental health I’m well aware that I suffer with anxiety and it makes day to day life difficult. However, one day at a time I’m pushing the boundaries and getting stronger."

"I started riding lessons at 9 years old and it was like I’d found my calling. I picked it up quickly and was so confident when I was on a horse. I felt like I was on top of the world, no one could stop me and I still feel like that today. People at the stables ‘got me’ it didn’t matter if your hair and make up wasn't perfect, this was my favourite place and I still go there now 16 years on!

Riding kept my confidence in tact and helped me to grow."

"Fast forward a few years from school, I’m working on a yard and one of the girls says we should go to a pole fitness class. You can imagine my reply... pretty girls who can bust amazing shapes and are just incredible... so along we went. I was shaking with nerves at the idea of meeting new people and was anxious of the judgement.

We got to the class and I couldn’t have been more wrong. My instructor Dolly was absolutely amazing, pure grace and just wow. These women are exactly like the girls I wished I could have been like. Only this time the person I wanted to be like believed that I could do it.

Dolly believed in me then and still does today, she is a massive inspiration and has really helped me become a stronger and more confident woman."

"I am a horse rider.

I still love rugby.

I am fulfilling my dreams in the form of pole fitness.

I am happy, confident, outgoing and I love my strong body.

I am going to change the world one step at a time and make it a nice place to be, spreading love, not hate and supporting each and every person I meet achieve their dreams." Yasmin x

More quirky equestrians to come.

Special shoutout to @LissiLuCouture for the amazing black tulle skirt!!

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