My Photoshoot Experience

Updated: May 19, 2020

When I started working in the photography industry I knew it was important to be able to gage with how my customer was feeling on their photoshoot. I mean everyone is different; but are they feeling excited from doing something completely out of their comfort zone? Or are they nervous and worrying about how tthey will look in their images? I decided it was time to put myself in their shoes; so I booked my very own photoshoot with my talented friend and amazing wedding photography #dannygladwinphotography.

My shoot was scheduled for October - yes I am mad!! Everything weather wise was looking great - that was until the day came. There was a storm moving in right towards the location of our shoot and we were set for rain all day but I wasn't going to let this stop me. My horse was hired & this was happening. So fresh face of make up, freshly dyed hair(not like this mattered in the end) and my wedding dress packed up in the boot of my car - me & my friend made our way to the beach and anticipated getting wet! On arrival, Claire from #snailriverhorsedrawncarriageco was already on site & getting my steed Femke prepped for my shoot whilst I shimmied into my wedding dress in the back of her lorry with the help of my friend, Karen. Femke, a gorgeous Fresian mare was tacked up in the most beautiful traditional bridle and was finished off with a flower garland draped over her withers. Femke was also one of the Fresians who pulled the carriage on my wedding day, so for me this has so much meaning and sentiment behind it, making it even more special. Next to arrive was Danny, we all made a joke about weather then proceeded to ride on down to the beach already soaked through!

Even though I had total confidence in my photographer, I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about the outcome of my images in such horrible weather conditions. However, I also had a really good feeling, yes it was bitterly cold, unbelieveably windy & some what wet - but these photos are just so unique. I rode around the sand dunes & on the open beach whilst Danny clicked away. My flower crown and flower garland blew off multiple times, I had my dress around my face and my orange hair dye was running into the fabric of my dress from the sheer amount of rain, but was I worried? No. I smiled and laughed at this amazing experience that I was getting.

So - how did my shoot make me feel? Honestly - quite a bit of everything! I was excited, nervous & full of anticipation. I felt happy, accomplished & empowered. And cold, very cold! Your shoot experience is what you make it. Just remember that if your shoot date is forcasted for rain you can always change it. Unless you dare to be different too?

Photographer - Danny Gladwin Photography - Norfolk Wedding Photographer Snailriver Horse Drawn Carriage Co - Horse Drawn Carriages made for Princesses

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