Mindset is Everything

This one is for the photographers out there. Do you feel those negative thoughts creeping up in your mind often? Do they tell you that you can't do it or that you aren't worthy of being where you are? Well, I've got news for you, they are wrong! - and you are capable of great things if you just apply a postive mindset. Now I'm not saying that this is an easy ride - far from it. As someone who has been in this situation - it can be a long road. However, here is some advice that may help you along the way.

1. Believe in your work. Okay - pretty self explanatory but so vital. If you believe in your talent then others will. Show your confidence, let it shine through with your work. Be proud of what you produce and when it doesn't work (because it will happen) - that's fine, learn from it and grow from it. 2. Don't compare yourself to others. Now, I am totally on board with being inspired by other equine and pet photographers and I actively encourage this. However, please do not compare yourself to anyone else as this can be so damaging to your self confidence and self belief. Focus on yourself, keeping learning and growing and the changes will come in time. The only photographer you should be comparing yourself to is the one you were yesterday. 3. Trust in your journey. Let's face it - things do not happen over night. We as individuals are all on a different path. Stay on yours. Don't try and be someone else as absolutely no one else can be you. The beauty of photography is that there are so many different styles and so, so many horses to photography up and down the country. Trust the process and keep going.

When you exercise a positive mindset, the results come straight back round to you. Trust the process, have faith in yourself, believe and amazing things will happen! Now - go out there and build your empire. Love, Abbi x

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