Kate's Fairytale Dream

Surely we have all dreamed of that fairytale shoot? You know the one - big elaborate dress, woodland setting with your trusty steed by your side. I had thought of this crazy idea of a shoot for such a long, long time; however it never really happened. That was until Kate approached me with the fairytale dream after seeing the results of a recent shoot. I had recently brought the most gorgeous tuelle skirt from #LissiLuCouture which was beyond gorgeous and I couldn't wait to get stuck in and give it the #AbbiGriefPhotography treatment.

Our shoot took place on a windy but sunny February morning. As I arrived on Kate's yard, she was giving her Hungarian Warmblood mare Charlie a good clean before being rugged up to head on over to the woods. With around 3 bags between us & one huge plume of dress - we set off. The wind was fresh on our faces, however on making out way into the tall woodland, we barely noticed the cold, which was a good thing, as we needed to get Kate into this beautiful dress! After coming in & out of hiding behind trees from dog walkers & fluffing up the dress we were finally in and ready to start shooting! I always start with a good variety of in hand shots with any shoot, I love to go with the real wide shots to take in every moment of natural beauty within my images. I think we can all agree that the dress really does just pop in this set, Kate & Charlie looked amazing! Already loving where this shoot was going, we then proceeded to try some ridden shots. Kate & Charlie eager to please, set off to walk, trot and canter up the winding track when we then spotted a massive chunk of branch - surely it seemed silly to let this go to waste? So - we plonked it in the middle of the track and - PING!

Now, here comes the different aspect of our shoot. For months, I had been toying with the idea of shooting with smoke grenades, crazy right? To do something as mental as that around horses? However, I was so surprised with the results, Charlie was as good as gold. Eventhough she was not so keen to begin with, she settled down beautifully and this is why it is so important to desensitise before going straight in with it. Charlie went from prancing on her tippy toes - to smelling the burnt out smokes grenades to even jumping over the huge billows of smoke over the branch. She was honestly a wonder horse! Check out the result below.....

Okay, so maybe this was in fact a crazy idea, but I will let the results speak for themselves. Have you ever dreamed of that fairytale shoot? Stop dreaming & allow me make your dreams come true. Here are some kind words from Kate on our shoot together... This is now my fourth shoot I have had with Abbi - each for different occasions and I can’t emphasise enough on how fantastic she is! So accommodating to each individual shoot with amazing ideas on how to get the perfect photos and she really knows how to use her talent to it’s full potential! My latest shoot was a mix of amazing ideas from Abbi herself and a dream of a fairytale shoot and she was able to make it come true. I cannot recommend this lady enough. If you have a dream make sure you enquire as no dream is too big! Please note: Although smoke grenades are extremely fun to use, they are not toys, I really can not stress that enough! Please always follow the instructions on the packaging and use the correct PPE when handling. These are dangerous bits of kit and should not be taken for granted. I do not reccomend using smoke grenades around nervous horses. Always be responsible, sensible & safe.

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