Finding the right Photographer for you

We hear you. We know that hiring a photographer to capture those all too precious memories can be quite a headache at times, after all, you want to make sure you are making the right decision. I am going to help you out with that today with these top 3 tips! In the Summer, I collaborated with the amazing Laura of Laura V Photography to show you that everyone has a different style & way of working... and although both mine & Laura's styles are both quite dark, they couldn't be more different when you look at the finished edits.

1. Look at the photographer's portfolio Photography is so subjective and what one photographer may offer, another may not. Please make sure that your chosen candidates for the job tie in with your vision. As photographers we are proud of our individuality & will not simply copy someone else'e style. For this reason it is so important to really understand the style of photography you are going for in order for you to achieve that desired final outcome. Some photographer's may prefer a wide image, taking in all of the backdrop, whilst other's may prefer close up images - these are all things to consider also, though most will do a good variety of shots on the day.

2. Make sure your connect

Obviously you want to feel comforatable on your shoot right? The worst thing I can imagine is booking a shoot with someone to then find on the day that you really don't click with each other. I always suggest a phone call prior to booking to help put your mind at ease. This gives you a chance to connect and time to gage if I am the right photographer for you. If your chosen photographer doesn't offer and no obligation phone call, suggest it to them if it would make you feel at ease - the main priority is that you get along with each other - it makes the shoot so much more relaxed and amazing! Find the personality that fits you best. 3. Research your photographer on their website. A photographer's website is crammed full of portfolio work, blog posts, a bio and also packages! This is the first place you should look when researching your photographer in more detail - one of the key notes being price. There are so many photographers out there, all with different prices and packages so please find the one who is suited to your budget and please be respectful of our prices.

Laura & I are both equine and pet photographer's, both covering the same area & living around 40 minutes apart. Rather than seeing each other as a threat, we have teamed up to cheer each other on & to watch one another grow. Yes - ok, we are in the same area, we both specialise in equine and pet - but - do we offer the same? Absolutely not! We are different people, with different personalities, different styles & different creative minds - this is why it is so important to research. Below is one image, taken by myself and edited by the both of us in our style, they couldn't be more different.

There is so much choice when it comes to finding 'the one' - but it shouldn't be a stressful experience, relax, take your time, ask us questions and we will always do our best to make sure you have the best experience. All our love, Abbi & Laura xxx Special thanks to Godwick Hall & Great Barn Laura V Photography

Jess Clarke Equestrian Dutch Flower Parade Claire & her stunning mare April Tom & Isla who were in charge of props and forward ears. Abbi shoots with her NikonD750 with a mixture of her Sigma 70-200 2.8 & Sigma 24-35mm Laura shoots with her Nikon D5200 and her 70-200 2.8

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