Battling Those Demons

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We all have our own story to tell - here is a brief overview of mine.

I am Abbi, a creator, a story teller and the proud owner of my very own brand, Abbi Grief Photography. I have been doing photography for many years but only started to shoot more seriously from 2018. I then recently transitioned from full time employment in retail which was my home for the past 12 years and jumped right in the deep end of full time photography!

For many years, I was tormented on my looks, my size and abilities. This led me to believe I wasn't good enough to ever achieve anything in my life which resulted in me losing all hope to even try.

I was anxious, constantly down, doubtful and scared.

Fast forward to now, I am outgoing, I am fearless, I am a freaking badass!!

I climbed the ladder to become a manager in retail, I no longer let my size define me, I enjoy the journey... & the icing on the cake - I run my own business. Only we can define who we are!!

I am now someone who throws her whole self in to her work, creating beautiful images which are powerful, dramatic and full of feel good vibes! I am known for my darker style of imagery which are there to remind us that beauty lies within even the darkest of places, you just need to search for it. I am a story teller and we all deserve to have our story tell if we chose to. We all have our own story to tell.... are you ready to share yours?

Image credit to the very talented Gary Jones

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