An interview with The Fuzzy Sheep

Today, I will be chatting to Emma, proud owner & photographer at The Fuzzy Sheep Photography. Emma is a Country lifestyle & Brand photographer based in Somerset! Today we will be talking dream locations, photography in general and so much more! Enjoy! Abbi x

How did you get into photography? "I have always have enjoyed photography growing up, I think if I recall my first camera was pink! Always keen to take pictures of anything and everything I had never really considered photography as a job; mainly I think because I only considered it to either be family portraits, or weddings, and at the time both seemed rather stiff and posed, not my thing at all!" "In my job as a groom at my local stud, over time I kind of unofficially took on the roll of photographing the horses for sale with my mobile phone. I also enjoyed taking photos of my friends competing at shows, always frustrated that I could not get the take off for jumping or sharp photos for fast moving horses with my mobile phone. However it wasn’t really until I turned 30 that I decided I’d like a DSLR, realising I could afford a basic one to get me started, my parents also gave me money towards it for my birthday." "After practicing with my new DSLR for a while, it wasn’t long before my friends kind of bullied me in to photographing some of the local shows, and the rest is history to be honest. This year I have moved away from Event photography in favour of exploring more creative styles of Country lifestyle and brand work, I am a creative at heart, and event photography was no longer hitting the spot."

Have you have any favourite shoots so far? "I enjoy every shoot, each one is pretty much my favourite. However there are two that stick in my head the most. The first being a shoot with my friend and her little boy, he is hard wired for the farming life and he just loved the camera, the light was perfect. The shoot was just effortless. Second being a shoot from a few weeks ago. A couple and their son who owned a Chicken farm, they supply Waitrose with eggs; laid by their 32000 Chickens, they also owned some Longhorn cattle so that was pretty special being able to capture life on their farm! It was so inspiring listening to the dedication they have for giving their livestock a first class life. They could have shown those chickens, they were in such great condition!"

If you were able to shoot anywhere in the world, where would that be? "I would absolutely love the opportunity to shoot in Cornwall, whilst I love my life in Somerset, I cannot lie, my heart belongs to Cornwall." What is your favourite season to shoot in & why? "This is a hard one, there are things to love in every season, Winter not so much! Spring, I love for the new life around everywhere, the lengthening hours of daylight, everything is so new and fresh. I love Summer because time seems endless and Autumn for it’s colours and cosiness."

Who are some of your biggest inspirations? "Photography wise, you Abbi, inspire me with your words, energy and amazing imagery!" What is the best part of your job? "The best part of my job has to be the ability to capture memories for my clients. It’s a cliché but time flies by so fast, photography has the ability to freeze time and keep that moment forever."

Do you have any exciting projects or collaborations coming up? "The remainder of 2020 I am looking forward to showcasing my favourite small businesses in the form of a mini blog series. Next spring I am looking forward to launching a new project all about rare breeds within the farming industry, I’m not going to share to much on that yet though - so let's just say, keep your eyes peeled." Emma x The Fuzzy Sheep Photography

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