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So - you've got to be mental to not know who Donya from Pru's Shoes is right? An absolute legend, a force to be rekoned with & the queen of resin!!! I have been lucky enough to work alongside Donya on a number of various projects including our photo coaster collaboration & sponsoring some of our brand ambassadors. She is an amazing woman to work with & Pru.... well.... let's just say that he has to be one of the biggest drama queen's I have ever met! Let's not forget about the fence destroyer aka Thunder!! Today I have interviewed Donya to give you an insight as to what she does and to take a glimpse into her world of all things resin! Enjoy, Abbi xxx

Can you give us an overview on what it is that you do? "I’m a bespoke resin artist so I specialise in making keepsakes for people, each item I make is made specifically for that person so each one is completely unique. I work with almost anything that is sentimental to my customers from horseshoes, horse hair, pet fur, cremation ashes, copies of hand writing, wedding/funeral flowers, I also work with the more unique from teeth to insects, even volcanic ash." How did you get into resin art? "Basically because I butchered my arabs tail 🙈😂 I’d set my page Prus Shoes up as I was hand decorating real horseshoes, again bespoke to each person but one day I had the bright idea of cutting Prus tail forgetting he was an arab who likes to hold it like a flag 🙈 anyway I ended up with a wad of tail and no clue what to do with it. I went onto Pinterest, saw one clear pendant with a single strand of tail hair and that was the extent of my research 😂 I ordered a bottle of resin and that was the start of this crazy journey."

What has been your favourite make to date? "Ahh it’s so hard to pick just one 🙈 I love the Horseshoe Plaques and the Horseshoes with the resin centres as theyre both original Prus Shoes designs but honestly there’s a lot of pieces iv made that I love for different reasons, sometimes it’s the story behind why they’re being made others just because the design works really well."

Who are some of your biggest inspirations? "My biggest inspiration is my son, everything I do is for him and my family, I’m constantly thinking of new ways to make my business bigger and better to ensure that it stays fresh and unique to enable me to carry on building a better future for us ❤️ in terms of designs my customers are my inspiration. Through speaking with them during the ordering process I get a little glimpse into their lives and the ideas they’re trying to capture. It can be something as simple as a name or a quote, even a colour and the design just flows from there." What does your typical day look like? "Well as Abbi knows I’m not the most organised person 🙈😂 I’m a creative and sometimes I’m that laid back I’m horizontal but now my son is at school I've had to sort my life out 😂 a typical day starts with me and him getting ready and I drop him off at school on the way to my workshop. I usually nip and check the horses when I get there then go onto opening up and turning everything on for the day (I have quite a lot of machines and different bits and bobs to help with different aspects of my resin work) after that I go through my lovely organised list of orders (organised by my amazing assistant Vicky and not by me 🙃😂) I start to work my way through, laying designs out and sending proof pics to customers before starting. I also add any finishing touches to items that are now cured by adding any keyring/pendant attachments and things like that. I also take alooooot of pictures, I currently have over 4,500 in a folder just of my work 🙈😂 I send those off to everyone to show their finished item and then crack on layering my resin. Whilst I’m doing all that Vicky is working away in the background answering messages and queries, packaging up, post office runs, updating my order books (and the amazing list) and generally being a life saver 🙌🏼😂 I honestly couldn’t do it without her 💖 I finish at the workshop at 5pm, drive home then catch up on any sanding/polishing I need to do and try to schedule some social media posts for the next day 😊 it’s quite full on but I love it."

What is the best part of your job? "The best part of my job is that no 2 days are ever the same, I have some amazing followers who continue to push me and make me think outside of the box with their requests. I’m so lucky that so many people trust me to work with their most treasured possessions and its not something I take lightly. I love it when I come up with something completely brand new and unique." 🥰 Do you have any exciting projects or collaborations coming up? "I can’t really say as each piece is so unique to each person I always keep them to myself until they’re complete. I always ask permission before sharing pics of people’s items and they’re stories as understandable sometimes people want to keep things private, however some of the most exciting pieces I've made in the past I can share. I was commissioned by a lovely gent to make 2 replica volcanoes using volcanic ash from a project him and his boss worked on, I actually made them as a retirement gift which I thought was a lovely idea 😊 oh and the guinea pig gallstones 😂 I forgot about those 😂 a lovely local lady who runs another small business commissioned a keyring for her husband containing the gallstones from a rather costly operation as abit of a laugh 😂 we also encased a couple of pennies to signify the amount of money he now has left in his wallet 😂 those two really stand out but honestly most pieces I make are exciting as you know no 2 will ever be the same." 🥰 You can follow Donya over on her Facebook page which is linked below. Facebook - Pru's Shoes

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