What if it

rains on

the day?

Honestly - the rain really doesn't bother me at all. I tend to say as long as it's not absolutely smashing it down, I am still happy to go ahead.
This is more to protect my camera and other expensive accessories, but other than that, a little bit of rain never hurt anyone, right?
However, if you would like to reschedule for a less wet day, I am more than happy to do this as well.

Will my horse

be ok with



The only person that will know this answer for sure is you. You know your horse best & know what their limits will be.
If a smoke grenade shoot is what you want, there are a couple of steps that we will be able to take to ensure that this is right for your horse, the main objective is to desensitize by setting off a grenade to see how they react & go from there. If you do at any point decide to go ahead then disclaimers will be signed for everyone's safety.
I would not reccomed the use of smoke grenades around nervous horses.
Grenades can only be used on private property so permissions will be needed in writing.

Will I need

to wear a hat

on my shoot?

I leave this decision up to the each individual client & I will never force someone to do something they are not comfortable with.
Maybe you want to ride in your hat? No problem - your images will still be beautiful.
Maybe you want to ride in full tack? Again, no problem - your images will still be beautiful!
Remember - this is your shoot - so everything is completely your choice.


Can my dog

join in with my

equine shoot?


I have no limitations as to how many animals can join in on one shoot. The more the merrier. From dogs to alpaca's - bring them along for an experience to remember!

Multiple family members? No problem - everyone is welcome!

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